Decisions in Paradise Essay example

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Running head: Decisions in Paradise Part II

10 October 2007
Decisions in Paradise Part III

As has been previously described in the first two parts of the Decisions in Paradise, various solutions and techniques have been developed for the company’s greater presence in the island of Kava. Developing the company and the people of the island without sacrificing the company’s goals and objectives is the main target towards success. This paper will focus on the implementation of the solutions mentioned in the previous paper. This will emphasize on the factors that affect the implementation process within the organization, resources and actions required for decision implementation, and ethical implications from stakeholders
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Though the issues of functions and partners still in play, focusing solely on the local business operation will help enhance the functionality of the local company will provide a better grip on the development to the island of Kava. Keeping in mind that the decisions made previously and the current situations, it should be clear that the favors will benefit both the partners and the people of Kava while keeping the company’s business goals and objective. In addition to the internal issues that may affect the internal decision making process, examining the resources and actions that are required in implementing the decisions effectively will guarantee the company’s overall success. In case of both of the primary and the alternative decision, the main resource needed is manpower. The lack of human resources in the island of Kava to assist the development of the company will alter the both the long-term and short-tem goals of the company. The required action in this case is the actively searching of the central company for both current and prospective employees in order to assist the development on the island. Conducting company operation which will depend on the demand of the company shown by the population has to be established. One way to assist the successful fulfillment of the action is to promote the island tropical location, which once reconstruction is

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