Decisions in Paradise Essay

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Business Scenario: Part Three
Decisions in Paradise: How to Be, or Not To Be
Karen Jensen
August 30, 2009

Many great people have had ambitions to do great things, but were not able to complete them. In 1939, Adolf Hitler initiated an attack on Europe with a grand plan of taking over a good portion of the world. Hitler certainly thought he had a great idea, but he failed to consider the obstacles he ended up having to face. “[T]here is no doubt that Hitler lacked many of the qualities he needed to control military affairs with consistent success” (Megargee, 2009). Nonetheless, others have had good ideas as well. In 1905, Nikola Tesla started the erection of a power facility called Warden Cliff. This facility was built with
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Furthermore, building code requirements due to the island’s propensity for natural disasters could also increase the cost of construction. The cost of getting started may not be the only roadblock to West Tech’s victory, the cost of repairing the communications’ infrastructure could also hamper progress. The possibility of government grants and other assistance will help stent these escalating costs. Alternatively, the lack of grants and assistance from other sources could leave West Tech with the bill. Despite these obstacles, West Tech is confident in its decision to move forward with expansion while helping the island get back on track to prosperity. The groundwork for the first step in the implementation process already occurred with West Tech evaluating Kava’s potential for West Tech’s new operations. By already having established connections on the island, West Tech is ahead of the game. Management will send a small team to Kava to talk up the local government, establish a temporary base of operations, and compare the island’s current state with plan projections regarding costs, cultural relations, and infrastructure. West Tech executives are counting on all employees involved following its strict ethics policy in order for the solutions plan to work in Kava. Another important

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