Decision Points : Interpersonal Relationships Essay

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Decision Points Interpersonal relationships are what keep the human race from simply being islands apart from one another. These relationships are our reason to exist. They “shape our lives” (Edwards), and give us a reason to leave a legacy when we die. The first big interpersonal relationship that comes to mind for most people is likely the relationship with their first significant other. There are horror stories of young teens finding themselves in their first romantic relationship that begins to crash and burn around them seemingly as soon as it began. However, one’s first relationship where there is “trust and mutual understanding,” as my father would put it, between the couple is the most reformative of all the early life relationships. “These relationships may play an integral role in the lives of adolescents” (Kenney). For me this was Sydney. I was in my senior year of high school and I had spent the year before not being able to shake one of those obsessive attractions toward Sydney, this beautiful, artsy, brunette girl who was part of my friend circle. One day we had planned to hang out at my house with some other friends, but through circumstance, things fell through with our other friends and we ended up watching Netflix alone. You can see where this is going. We ended up cuddling and I told her how I felt about her. She felt the same, and we proceeded to have a honeymoon phase that was about as good as a honeymoon phase can be. We could talk about…

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