Decision In Paradise Part 1 Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Nik the newest employee of Target Corporation hired to go to this island in the South Pacific to determine whether a greater presence in Kava could benefit the Target Corporation as well as the people. After briefly discussing the issues the country faces with Alex the current director of stratigec planning as well as Nik’s supervisor and mentor. Nik became aware of some problems Kava faces, for example, the country faces a high natural disaster rate of tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes. Other problems the country faces include a high number of HIV/AIDS cases, terrorism from outside and within, and petroleum spills. Although the issues are many Kava appears to have potential along with a strong will to survive and rebuild their country. The forces involved in creating these problems are many, some environmental, natural disasters; others are caused by a different mix of cultures, languages, and religions. Terrorism from within and possibility a corrupt government system could also be the cause of some …show more content…
This first assignment is nothing more than coming up with the problem. The hardest part about critical thinking is identifying the problem – as an effective critical thinker, you need to be able to sort through all the maze of data, understand what is and what isn’t applicable and then configure a problem that can actually be solved. You know you have the problem defined correctly when you can ask: A cause for this problem is… As an example, if you list the problem as: Target is considering expansion into Kava. Is this really the problem or a statement? You can’t ask, a cause for Target is considering expansion into Kava is… Not really relevant to your stakeholder’s expectations. What is the problem statement? What goes into the fish bone box so you can do root cause (5 whys) using 4M’s? Should be short, applicable, solvable and meet stakeholder’s expectations. What about: A greater presence in Kava is questionable for Target. I’m not saying this is the problem statement; could be something else; looking for you to define it. Root cause could result in an action plan that recommends expansion. Need to ask, why is it questionable relative to man – what are the causes; why is it questionable relative to machinery; to materials, methods. See other feedback within the body of your paper. Excellent start on a difficult assignment. Next paper, make sure you list your problem statement. Excellent job with research and using applicable supporting

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