Deception Of The Pardoner 's Tale Essay

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Deception in the Pardoner’s Tale
Scheming innocent people for the means of gaining something valuable is something that is displayed in numerous aspects. It is a practice that every society uses against vulnerable people for the prime motive of deceiving them. Deception is a concept that can be revealed in many ways, but one unique tale that accomplishes this idea is “The Pardoner’s Tale”. This tale is told from the view of a conniving pardoner who schemes people for their money. In the tale, he introduces three men who engage themselves on a treacherous path to find Death. In The Canterbury Tales, this specific story is a prime example of how selfish desire can lead to one’s downfall. Through many literary devices, Chaucer is using the role of deception to convey that greed can result in destruction by utilizing the position of Death, the money, the three riots, and the pardoner himself.
The three men in this tale start out by trying to find Death. Before embarking on a mission to find him, the rioters are warned to “be on [their] guard with such an adversary” and to “be primed to meet him everywhere [they] go” (line 22-23). The author personifies death as a person to make the story more significant by adding extreme emphasis on the word. Death is something that every person is bound to experience, so the fact that the rioters are seeking it means that their lives may indeed end tragically. Though they have no acknowledge of the true misfortunes of death, they still…

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