Deborah Meier : A Influential Educator Essay

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Deborah Meier is considered a highly influential educator in modern society, as she implemented ideas into the classroom that were previously considered ‘radical’ by others. She believes that children are educators themselves, and that each child can learn from another; she believes in a democratic classroom, one that will mirror the way that life is played out in the real world, which in her case would be in American society; and she believes in play, and the importance of its’ role in child development. These views are relevant to Australian education, and in fact most western societies, in that we need to insure students are capable of looking after themselves when they leave school. They need to be knowledgeable of the society that they live in, and know how their country’s governance works, their belief system and social system, in order to become effective and useful members of society.
Meier’s contribution to education in America was, and still is, quite significant. Brownstein and Easton (1990) mention that America’s educational system is very much controlled by a government whose politicians do not have education as their main concern for the country. This article suggests that Meier would be a great candidate as a politician, because of her views about the topic. Meier believes that in order to have an efficient society, the students of today should be taught that way; that is, so that they learn how to properly behave in a particular governing system, which for…

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