Death Of The Death Penalty Essay

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Death to None The first ever recorded established death penalty law was created in the Eighteenth Century B.C. in the code of King Hammurabi of Babylon. This code would allow for the execution of a criminal if they had committed one of the twenty-five crimes listed (“Introduction to the Death Penalty”). The death penalty has been abolished in law or in practice by 140 countries around the world (“Facts About the Death Penalty”).The death penalty is a barbaric way of punishing a criminal, and America should join the list of countries that have outlawed the death penalty. Jeffrey A. Fagan, Professor of Law & Public Health; Co-Director, Center for Crime, Community, and Law states, “ The death penalty is the best way to deter crime and the most effective way to deal with a criminal who has committed a heinous crime” (Fagan 1). It is common knowledge that there needs to be extreme penalties set in place for major offences such as murder. These punishments are set in place to discourage any “would be criminals” to commit any major crimes.There is strong evidence that the death penalty does not discourage crime at all (McClellan, 1). In 1958 the ten states that had fewer than two a year per 100,000 population were: New Hampshire Iowa, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Utah, North Dakota and Washington. Four of these ten states had abolished the death penalty. The ten states, which had the most murderers from eight to fourteen killings per 100,000…

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