Death Of The Dead By Emily Dickinson Essay

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For several people, the ideas of death and god are very mystifying since many people believe once you’re dead you’re just dead that the idea of the afterlife is something we created to cope with the thought of death. The thought of the dead is very terrifying, however, people rely on their faith to help them conquer the ideas of death. Since the beginning of time, people have a lien on their faith and believing in a higher power will help people overcome devastation, grief, despair, and stressful situations by believing in God it also reinforces the idea of the afterlife. Throughout the century, poets, author, painter, and architect used the concept of death and god to either explain their own perspective on God or death

The author and visual artist that I’m about to mention both play a significant role throughout history either written poetry or created dozens of artwork that can be located in the museum. The poet Emily Dickinson, was an American poet that was born in Amherst, Massachusetts in the year of 1830 she is most famous for the poem because I could not stop for death, it was not Death, for I stood up, “Hope” is the thing with feathers ,and a bird came down that most talked about the theme death. The artist is Michelangelo was born in Italy in the year 1475 and was a famous Italian sculptor, painter, and architect during the Italian Renaissance he is most famous for the sculptor for David, Pieta, and the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, and the Last Judgment…

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