Essay on Death Of An Athlete Dying Young

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During the prime years of a person’s life or career, they often do not realize that youth and success are dwindling. As they age, the unavoidable aspect of death becomes more significant. A.E Housman, the author of “To an Athlete Dying Young,” conveys that everything in life is not going to be happy all the time, but people need to deal with what they have before it is too late. The audience will learn the entire lifecycle of an athlete and how age is a big factor in this. The theme is mortality and natural transitions throughout life. The speaker of the poem uses extended metaphor, personification, and an oxymoron to show that the athlete should die young so that he will be remembered as a youthful and successful human. In the poem, the extended metaphor compares carrying the man after he wins a race to carrying him in a coffin to his burial place. Each of these comparisons have a different emotion because winning shows happiness, but burying someone is sadness. The example in the poem where joy is used is “We chaired you through the market place” (line 2). This literary element embodies the meaning that he is popular and his hard work is paying off. This next example focuses on the sadness of carrying the athlete to his grave: ““Shoulder-high we bring you home/And set you at your threshold down” (line 6). This metaphor shows the sadness of the people carrying him in a coffin and how the emotions change between each of these metaphors. The man is coming to the point in his…

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