Essay Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman there is a conflict between Biff and his father Willy. This conflict between Biff and Willy comes from many sources such as Willy’s infidelity, the pressure Biff feels to succeed, and their family’s false idea of the American dream. These conflicts contribute to the meaning of the work as a whole because the conflicts contribute to the pivotal realization that society is at fault for giving both the parent and child such unrealistic views of the American Dream. The first conflict that is evident between Biff and Willy is the tension between them as Biff returns home; it is not just the way the men constantly argue and bicker but the varying ways that they think of one another. Willy, although he may get frustrated and aggravated with Biff at times, still recognizes Biff’s work ethic. Even if Biff’s job is not one ideal to Willy, he continues to make known the fact that he thinks “Biff is a lazy bum.” (Miller) However, the way Biff views his father is far less flattering than Willy’s perspective of Biff. Biff holds onto feelings of disappointment toward his father, due to his past mistakes. The most important factor in this conflict is not their opinions of one another but where these opinions spawn from. Willy’s hopeful views of Biff come from Willy trying to live vicariously through all of Biff’s accomplishments, such as Biff being the star football player in high school. Biff’s negative opinion toward his father is not always the…

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