Essay on Death Marks The Cessation Of Vital Functions

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What is death? In medical terms, death marks the cessation of vital functions.[1] However, what is its purpose? We currently perceive death as an effect of an inevitable, insurmountable cause.[2]
Although the process of aging is not a fully predictable process, we readily seek answers according to previously established guidelines. We do not hesitate to accept death in the form of trauma, disease and old age, however improbable or unexpected, as we firmly hold on to the opinion that these events are an invariable part of life. Yet, by reinforcing those very limitations with each subsequent generation, how may we eventually grow beyond them?

Notions, such as longevity and/or psycho-physical immortality, are merely the end-result of a long-winded process. They are positive outcomes that can be achieved in less than 5 generations, if radical changes were to be implemented on a global scale.[3]

Historical Background for General Edification

First of all, I discussed these questions and their possible methods to extend the human lifespan at much greater length in my doctoral dissertation.[4] Conversely, I also added that there are a substantial number of lifestyle factors that contribute to the increase in the premature death rate as well as Sixth Mass Extinction.[5] I concluded, while the chemical composition of the seas, oceans, soil and atmosphere continues to change, these alterations have an indisputable impact on human physiology and health.[6] These man-made…

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