Film Analysis: Death By Hanging

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Part 1:
For a film festival one of the best themes is that of something with social relevance. Epecially if the audience are from the youth generation, this kind of genre will help them to learn more about their history. For this proposal, the chosen film festival theme is capital punishment, with a focus on death penalty. Some countries around the world are still practicing death penalty on a very inhumane manner. Movies depicting death penalty will be shown in this film festival to help create opinion among the youth on wheteher capital punishment hould be continued or not. New York 's history of death penalty goes back to colonial era, with the second most number of executions of any state in the US from 1608 to 1972. Before the discovery
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The fictional character R in the film was founded on Ri Chin 'u, an ethnic Korean who in 1958 murdered two Japanese girls. Disregarding its documentary style, the start, as voice over and image give antonymous information, it is clear-cut that Death by Hanging is not a ceremony of "reality". This spacing is combined by the seven inter titles that give an denotation of the action about to happen. That a death chamber functions as this improbable theater of the absurd underline the film 's dominating ironical tone. Loaded in symbolism the film contains a number of elusive, masterly touches. Another stagey element observed is the essential role of dialogue in the …show more content…
There are acknowledged historical precedence where gross human rights abuses had had the backing of a majority of the people, but which were fated vigorously later on. It is the job of chief figures and politicians to underscore the incompatibility of capital punishment with human rights. It needs to be stressed out that public backing for the death penalty is indissolubly linked to the desire of the people to be free from criminals. However, there exist more actual ways to stop

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