Death And Extinction Of The Bees: Article Analysis

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Albert Einstein once said, “Mankind will not survive the honeybees’ disappearance for more than 5 years.” In the article Death and Extinction of the Bees written by Joachim Hagopian, published in March 2014, Hagopian talks about the honeybees’ sharp decline in population. Joachim Hagopian uses strong sources to effectively build his credibility, he cites convincing facts and statistics to make an appeal to logos, but does not portray a de-emphasis of pathos during which he writes about honeybees’ importance in making our food, and how rapidly they are disappearing.
Honeybees have been vanishing at an alarming pace since 2006. This honeybee disappearance phenomenon is called the Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder, and is recognized today as
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The U.S.D.A also encourages people to learn honey bees’ niche in nature, and stop killing the bees so carelessly.
Joachim Hagopian uses facts and intriguing statistics to effectively establish an appeal to logos and demonstrate bees’ production and how quickly they are disappearing. In the beginning of the article Hagopian states, “Iowa’s honey bee population has dropped by as many as 70%”. Iowa is one of the biggest honey producers and this percentage shows how fast the problem is escalating. Later in the article he writes, “The largest selling company of honey in the U.S is Sioux Honey in Sioux City, Iowa where more than 35 million pounds of honey are processed by over 300 beekeepers”. Hagopian lists these facts to display how big Iowa is in the honey business, but that could soon stop if they continue losing honey bees. Hagopian adds that “California’s honey production dropped to nearly half since 2006”. This is important to Hagopian’s claim because if the states of Iowa and
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Another source Joachim Hagopian use to make his article convincing is a joint study by the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) and the U.S.D.A. This joint study recognized the Varroa destructor, a type of mite, as biggest factor that causes honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder. Using the Environmental Protection Agency and United States Department of Agriculture helps Hagopian’s audience believe claim that Varroa mites lead to Colony Collapse disorder. Hagopian also use the Greenpeace’s Save the Bee page to build his credibility and his appeal to ethos. Hagopian uses this source to identify another hazard to the honeybees’ existence. He writes how neonicotinoids are a type of insecticide that causes poisoning to not just one bee but a whole colony. Hagopian try to make people understand that they need to work for a solution. He uses the United States Department of Agriculture once again to demonstrate that crop growers and beekeepers need to work together towards a solution to save the bees from

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