Deaf : Deaf And Hearing Essay

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Deaf in America discusses topics that elucidate key elements of Deaf culture through anecdotal accounts as well as references from other texts. The first element discussed was that the terms “deaf” and “hearing” gain their meaning through context. It is not the inherent meaning of the terms themselves or the physical condition associated with them that is the foundation of people’s perception of these terms. As they grow up, children are exposed to contexts beyond that of their home and it is through this that they build their identification with Deaf and hearing (Padden and Humphrise 22-25). There are also variety of folktales in Deaf culture, such as that of Abbé de l’Epée and the foundation of the French Sign Language. These folktales serve as as source of history as well as wisdom through which Deaf individuals can learn through the experiences of individuals before them (38). Another element discussed is the labels that exist in Deaf culture. The most prominent of these labels are “deaf” and “hearing.” These labels stem from the established center of the person. To Deaf individuals, where their deaf identity is their center, the label “hearing” represents the greatest deviation (41). The authors also discuss how Deaf individuals have historically lived in the world of others (Padden and Humphries 56). Their education system and their views on their own language have been heavily influenced and dependent on the hearing world. Subsequently, the authors portrayed the…

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