Deaf Culture : Deaf People Essay

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Deaf Culture What is Deaf Culture? The Deaf Culture consists of a multiple deaf communities, language, and deaf identities in the DEAF-WORLD. There are about 70 million deaf people in the world today, and around 400 different sign languages around the world. (FINISH!!!)

There is one Deaf Culture but many deaf communities around the world. "Deafness is a cultural identity." (Catherine O 'Brien, Crystal Kroner, & Peggy Placier (2015) Deaf Culture and Academic Culture: Cultivation Understanding Across Culture and Linguistics Boundaries. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. Vol. 8, No. 2, 104-119.) There are around 70 million deaf people in the world today, about 10% of them have deaf parents, and the other 90% have hearing parents. In the Deaf Culture, there are what we call, D/deaf people and d/deaf people. Capital D/deaf people are those who are involved in the Deaf Community and more. Deaf people are 100% deaf in both ears. Lowercase d/deaf people are not involved in the Deaf Community. These deaf people are either 100% deaf or lacking the ability to hear but are not involved in the deaf community. They lead more towards being a part of the hearing world. "The d refers to the physical condition, "pathology" or "disability" of deafness, according to which a person is broken or impaired and must be fixed." (Catherine O 'Brien, et al. 2015). In the Deaf Culture, there are actually four "levels" of being involved with the Deaf. These four levels are Deaf people in…

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