Case Study: Gallaudet University

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Gallaudet University
Gallaudet University ― It is home to some two thousand undergraduate students and eight hundred and ninety employees (“Fast Facts”). The students walking the campus or on the sidewalks of Florida Avenue are not all that dis-similar to any other walks of life in the Washington, DC area. In fact, you wouldn’t notice a difference if you were just observing or people watching. They are a university that has multiple athletic programs, including football, basketball, and baseball. The conversations, however, may be a little different to someone not familiar with sign language.
Gallaudet University is the only university in the world with programs and services designed to accommodate deaf and hard at hearing students. Only five
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After traveling to England in search of educational methods for the deaf, Gallaudet (Thomas) was unsuccessful in his endeavor at first. He then met educators from the Paris School for the Deaf who agreed to privy Gallaudet about sign language, something that was not thought highly of by the people of England. In 1817, the American School for the Deaf was founded in Hartford, Connecticut, the nation’s first school for deaf children, by Gallaudet and one of the French educators from Paris School for the Deaf, Laurent Clerc (“The History Behind …show more content…
Sure, there are protests at a Donald Trump rally, but the Gallaudet rally was for more than one human being. It was for a culture. It was the nation’s capital. The community of the deaf wanted their voices and signs to be understood. People of all different shapes, sizes, abilities, inabilities, they all have voices—the right to select who represents them. The community wanted one of their own, someone who would never judge them for having to communicate with their hands and never doubt their

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