Dbms Comparison Essay

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DBMS Comparisons
DBM502 Week 2 Individual Assignment


This paper will discuss and make comparisons on the markets top Database Management Systems (DBMS) currently available. The paper includes a table for side-by-side comparisons of feature sets and other factors required when making decisions on which DBMS to purchase and implement in a business. While this may not be a complete list of all available DBMS systems it will include important discussions on aspects required when evaluating any major application / system choice.


Currently in today's complex computer systems environment there are more choices available than ever before. While
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Microsoft has a big brother version of a DBMS (Microsoft SQL Server) that has numbers that hold their own against the others listed in the table above. Do you know the origins of SQL Server? It is Sybase. Up until around release 4, the two products were identical until MS got what they needed from Sybase….
IBM's DB2 and Oracle are the venerable standards when it comes to DBMS. Both have been around in one form or another for a number of years. Each has its own feature set that has definite appeal and Oracle has made great strides in combating who they believe to be the arch enemy of the computer industry, Microsoft, over the past few years. Both applications can be pretty costly in regard to price-per-seat comparisons. IBM has stated that Oracle is their largest competitor.
The most unique participant in this comparison has to be MySQL. MySQL is a freeware DBMS made available through the GNU General Public License rights while a company does maintain the codebase and offers maintenance options. With over 10 million reported installations of MySQL it is most likely the absolute most prevalent single DBMS available today. While this low cost option appears to be making a huge headway into the DBMS marketplace it does so with some risks. Having an open source freeware application as the heart of your business data applications may leave some businessmen very uneasy and rightfully so.

While this admittedly is a superfluous look at

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