David Guterson 's Snow Falling On Cedars, And John Steinbeck 's East Of Eden

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The United States has had a reputation for being a country with racial diversity and tolerance. Throughout the years, the United States has been overall proud of the racial diversity. The country’s foundation was built upon the work of immigrants. However, as history shows, the the United States has treated incoming immigrants, and Americans of a different racial background in horrific manners. Throughout the years, people of a non white lineage are seen as the minority of a power thirsty country. David Guterson’s Snow Falling on Cedars, and John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, depicts the traditional, ever-so-proud, American society. Each writer portrays the life of characters who are of a racial minority in a setting where the white-race is dominant, and United States nationalism is at a pinnacle. The oppressive environments in Guterson’s and Steinbeck’s novels forces the non-white characters to identify themselves, in order to find self-acceptance. Lee, from East of Eden, lives in a time where incoming immigrants were socially unaccepted by the dominant, white community. Lee’s reaction to the derogatory label “Chink” has caused him to conform to societal expectations. Initially, Lee’s motives to remove the label cast upon him is to reject his ethnic background, and merge into the white society. However, his motives led him to a point where he loses his own identity. Aware that he could never be accepted into the caucasian society, Lee succumbs to the demands of what a “chink”…

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