Business Case Study Essay

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Exhibit 1 Case Study

Dave wants to expand his existing business and want to expand his services using IT business process and applications.
He also wants to introduce a variety of new electronic products especially wireless communications.
He wants his company to become triple the size in two years.
He also wants to partner with other retailers and manufactures nearby to stay in retail model and have larger product access.
He wanted to adopt IT models for automating his business process and become a large digital corporation.

Dave wanted to be like Dell and Compaq, where the activities within the corporation are run, monitored and managed in real-time.
The corporations have IT models and infrastructures as their leading business models/plans
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IT helps Dave’s corporation to have a single platform for business networks.
Having IT infrastructure and business model helps a digital corporation to keep par with the existing customers which is necessary for Dave in his current situation.
IT also helps Dave’s corporation in people integration, Data integration and systems integration which later help to increase the performance of the business purpose.
Having multiple interfaces and automated business process with the help of IT tools and networks help the corporation in reliability and credibility of the work.

I find this case very interesting as I see Dave have the foresightedness to make his business an ecommerce enterprise with the help of IT infrastructure.
I like that Dave wants to keep his theoretical business skills from his class into the real world of business.
His ambitions are high but worth it.

Business Strategy:

• Develop a business plan that clearly states Dave’s vision and make him learn the importance and link between business and IT.
• Implement good marketing strategies to market the good/products that Dave’s corporation is
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NGE’s are high level model of evaluation of Digital Enterprises. I think Dave’s Corporation should adopt a NGE model.
Dave wants his company to be a digital corporation, with the help of the NGE model Dave can advertise his products using business applications, and he can facilitate purchase of his products through the same.
Dave already has several stores opened, by virtual operations he can bring all working to the same line of business with the help of the NGE model and also NGE facilitates inter communications between the partner firms which will be a great assert to Dave’s corporation (Single business platform).
Using Business application for his corporation Dave can help his customers purchase, track, update, review and confirm their orders which can be done if NGE model is adopted.

Application plan:

An Application plan will be developed accordingly to identify the type and number of applications required to support the business process for Dave’s corporation.
In the application plan the activities pertain to the business strategies are identified and categorized into automated and manual.
Inventory search and dispatch will be manual in the business

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