Database Of A Database System Essay

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A database is exactly what it symbolizes, a place to store data. It is organized in such a way that information can be quickly accessed. The databases of today are large and have become very complex. Databases are not a new concept, examples of older databases include phonebooks and rolodexes, which were not necessarily in electronic form. Electronic databases were actually designed to support the Apollo space missions. When databases started storing data, there were no large servers, clouds, hard drives, or thumb drives. Data was stored on huge tubes called Selectron tubes with limited capacity. Punch cards, punch tapes, and finally the advent of the 5.25 inch and 3 1/4 inch disk were the bases of the now huge database system.
These were also very limited in storage. Databases are in use by nearly every business or company no matter how small or big.
Databases have been found to reduce cost, increase profits, and maintain record keeping on clients and customers. Here is what databases look like today. Fundamentals of Information Systems, eighth edition, describes a database management system (DBMS) as “A group of programs that manipulate the database and provide an interface between the database and its and other application programs.”(130)
Some familiar aspects of a DBMS include, creating and adding data structures, query language, security and back-up.

 Creating and Adding Data Structures – used to pass data between an interactive application and a particular function.…

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