Dashboard Product Report

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This report identify a dashboard product available for sale and perform a pre-purchase evaluation on the product. If possible, download a trial version and experiment with a data set. Demonstrate how it works, how it is installed, how well it follows best practices. Performed a high level evaluation using assessment tools distribute in class.

II. Product description

To find a property dashboard product, I searched Business Intelligence Dashboard Software rank in Software Advice (http://www.softwareadvice.com/bi/dashboard-comparison/). Dundas BI is ranked first. So I would like to try the software and evaluate it with several criteria like BAM, Real time& Right time and Component, etc.
Dundas BI (http://www.dundas.com/dundas-bi) providing
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Event-driven processing model: Dundas BI allows to interpret and interact with data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so we can react quickly when needed and take action. It’s self-service, customizable dashboards let us monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time.
2. Robust business rules: Dundas BI comes complete with highly-customizable visualizations including interactive charts, gauges, maps, scorecards and more.
3. A business-user-friendly dashboard: We can use Dundas BI to connect, interact and analyze our data on any mobile device including tablets and smartphones, whether iOS, Android, Windows.
4. A collaborative workflow system: All of the work that you do in Dundas BI occurs within the context of a current or active project, which allows users to collaborate on the same dashboard or BI effort.

III. Install and Try
We can use Dundas BI online or download the software with free use of 45 day. I have try the two types. The function of both are the same. But I would recommend try it online, because for the download version required IIS features with related to Windows Authentication. So the online version is much convenient and time
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Statistical Calculations Use R language to do advanced statistical computing
5. Speed of Response It can provide responses at high speed.
6. Data Access and Integration Able to connect and integrate data sources –in OLAP, Excel, relational databases, Big Data sources, web services, simple text file
7. Output and Content Management It can share with other people online, also transform to picture or pdf files.
8. Platform Options IOS, Android, Windows.
9. Ease of Learning and Use It has Video and documents on the official website.
10. Programmability Use R language to coding.
11. Advanced Features With easy, smart and intuitive design tools using drag and drop you can quickly design dashboards and reports.

Currently, the Dundas BI just suitable for companies, I don’t get the price for individual user. Ask for the price need connect with Dundas BI. But by search evaluation of Dundas BI online, the reputation of it is pretty good.

V. Conclusion

Dundas BI is the flexible BI tool I 've ever seen and quite easy to use for BI developers. For the end-users, it can be a bit confuse at the beginning. But with manage the functionality and abilities, Dundas BI is very powerful and interesting. We can learn it easily by watch the video online its website. Once connect data, we can quickly create and change dashboard. Also, we can share our report in many ways. However, it is just sell to companies or communities. If it sell retail to individual customers, that would be much

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