Darwinism Is A Theory Of Biological Evolution Developed By The English Naturalist Charles Darwin

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What is Darwinism? Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin. He attended Christs College in Cambridge and he began to have a clearer view of what his purpose was in life. He was surrounded by his father and grandfather influencing him to become a doctor or any route that they thought Darwin should take. He was sent to Cambridge to focus on religion and the clergy. He started to understand the nature of religion and how people follow the clergy. He never wanted to attend school because he was never a good student to start with.
During his time as a student, he looked more into nature because as a child he loved being outside and he realized that nature was his calling. As a student in Cambridge, he was asked to go on a trip in Barmouth. He had gone with his classmates that were undergraduates and mentors that have been guiding him in college. They voyaged to other places and it led to the natural selection known as Darwinism. In this essay, I will discuss where Darwinism started, what philosophers agreed or disagreed on his theory, and if I believe in human nature. Darwinism was created with the help of Alfred Russel Wallace. Alfred was a naturalist, biologist, and an explorer who enjoyed being outdoors and focusing on nature like Charles Darwin. With the help of Alfred, Darwin had a better understanding of how nature really looked like. He was one of the mentors that helped Darwin explore nature and how he…

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