Dark Side Of Human Beings Essay

1112 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Every human being has an “evil side” to one’s identity, which is often explained by researchers as dark personality disorders. Dark sides may be caused by what one experienced during childhood like abusive parents and broken families or bullying that led to the increase of malevolent thoughts and behavior. Also, insecurity may also generate one’s roots on the dark side. People have a strong ability to copy and imitate as when still an infant, one has the ability of fast learning. Even as a child, dark, evil thoughts could develop and elevate quickly, resulting in severely intense situations getting out of control. This would result in major problematic situations for the society, since children’s mind aren’t fully developed and may not know how to handle situations correctly caused by evilness. Even adults with supposedly fully grown minds lose control and fall to the “dark side”, when in fact no one is born perfect, people make mistakes. The “evil side” of human beings are shown in multiple personality disorders, the dark triad, and the media.
According to Harrison, Dissociative identity disorder (DID) with an alternative name of multiple personality disorder (MPD) is which a human body consists of more than one identity obtained within due to mental illness of the mind. Individuals with DID have a very hard time remembering simple information of themselves “that can’t be explained by ordinary forgetfulness” (Harrison 1). Each of the multiple personalities that dwell upon…

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