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Social Services Report – Daniel Pelka

“we see things not as they are, but as we are” - H.M. Tomlinson

Daniel Pelka
Born 15th July 2007
Died 3rd March 2012

This report is based on Daniel Pelka. A four year old boy who was starved and beaten to death by his own mother and her partner. In this report I will be looking into Daniels short life and identifying what happened to him. I am going to be exploring not only what happened but how it was allowed to happen and in what ways this young boy was failed by systems that are put in place to protect vulnerable children. I shall then give my recommendations and opinions based on my findings.
My findings are based on facts I obtained mostly from
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There was also a reference made between them that Daniel would not be getting any food that day. There were also text messages from Mr Krezolek to Ms Luczak telling her to remove the door handle from Daniels room so it could not be opened from inside or outside to prevent his sister Anna opening it for him. The locking mechanism was later found to be in the parents’ bedroom.
Whilst at school Daniels eating habits became more concerning and he would often take up to 5 pieces of fruit at a time from the fruit corner. Daniel would look for food everywhere and take it to the toilet to eat it there, on one occasion he found and ate half a large cake meant for all the children as it was a teachers birthday, On some occasions he would take food from the bins and tried to eat beans they were planting in the soil and raw jelly found in the sand pit. When teachers presented their concerns to his mother she told them Daniel was not allowed to eat anything other than what she provided in his lunch box (which was hardly anything) the school rang the GP and a letter was sent to Ms Luczak advising her to take Daniel to the GP. Ms Luczak attended the GP appointment but discussed her own health, it was not recorded that Daniel was discussed.
Several occasions where Daniel was seen at school with facial injuries were not recorded but

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