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Daniel Defoe I chose to write about and present the great writer Daniel Defoe. My interest for Defoe comes from his well-known novel, Robinson Crusoe which is a book read by most people and even has a TV-program inspired by the book. My curiosity for the background of the novel was the main reason why I chose to work with Defoe. Daniel Defoe, born Daniel Foe, was born in London somewhere between 1659 and 1661 and was the son of the butcher, James Foe. In his early years Defoe had a great

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This is a quote taken from the novel Robinson Crusoe; it shows how detailed and fine Daniel Defoe expresses himself in writing. He describes the situation very delicately and paints up a picture of how it was like being Crusoe at this time. He paints up a picture of a young man who rather wants to explore the world, than stay at home and study.

Daniel Defoe was also very early with his writing style for his time. He was active in the so called, Age of Enlightenment, but many of his works where more similar to the realism. Some of Defoe's later realistic novels such as Moll Flanders (1722), A Journal of the Plague Year (1722) and Roxana (1724) can also be mentioned.

The reporter Defoe published his great 1724-26 Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain, a travel guide with information on the nation state at this time.

In April 24 1731 Defoe “died of lethargy” in a London lodging-house. He was buried in a famous Non-conformist cemetery in Bunhill Fields, London, and his grave is now marked by a monument erected to the author of Robinson Crusoe
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