Danger Signs Of Pregnancy Essay

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“Danger signs in pregnancy” was found in the Health Reference Center Academic database from the Tennessee Electric Library. Despite the unidentified author, the article remains credible because of the status of the publication on an academic database. The article addresses the danger signs that are found in pregnancy. The layout of the text is a bulleted list of information of all the dangers, and then an in-depth coverage of the listed topics, in addition to the bulleted list, the article lists symptoms of when a medical doctor should be notified.
This article will be helpful in determining differences in unremarkable pregnancies in comparison to a drug dependent pregnancies. The article reveals danger signs that happen to people who are not using illegal drugs. I have decided to potentially gather information on “typical” births, as a control group. I expect to provide as much scientific evidence as possible for this topic. I plan on using this information in at least one of my papers to show the different effects on different types of pregnancy, but will hopefully be relevant in other related papers. By distinguishing a line between dangers in a consistent pregnancy, in comparison to the non-regular pregnancy, I can support the argument with evidence. I plan on showing the different comparisons in
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Matic has a MD and a PhD, and focused on pediatrics. Matic has conducted many case studies and has been published over twenty times. The Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome- Case Report was published by the Pediatrics Clinic of the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina. A case study is a case reported focusing on one individual diagnosed with NAS, in this case the individual is a little boy who was born premature and addicted to nicotine, and narcotics, unknown. Throughout the documentation Matic records the progress and complications of the unnamed baby

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