Dancing As A Method Of Socializing Essay example

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Throughout human history, how dancing became a method of socializing and a significant part of the human being life is still mysteries for researchers. Besides, studying about this topic is even more fascinating when it comes down to how our brains function while we dance, what signal it sends and receives, etc. However, as far as we know, it is evident that dancing is nonverbal communication. Dancing supports many type of communications as well as are affected by the differences in gender and cultural backgrounds. With that being said, researchers in the related field such as anthropology, psychology, linguistics, etc. will wonder whether or not there is a difference in the strengths or the types of relationship that was formed through cultural dances, compared with verbal communication. Linguists might wonder whether or not the meaning or the way people will be changed by the communication through dancing. In order to answer this question, they all have to answer one major question: How have people used cultural dances to communicate with each other throughout the history of humankind? The purpose of this argument is to enhance people’ understanding about dancing, in terms of multicultural tradition as well as communication, discover whether different cultures perceive dancing as a way to transmit messages as well as to find out whether different cultures interpret their traditional dances the same way as others. To answer this question is definitely not an easy task due…

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