DNA Engineering: The Process Of Recombinant DNA

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Advances in biology have led to many life altering medications, treatments, and solutions to molecular issues. One such region of biology that has altered scientists’ stances on creating a perfect product is the research being done on recombinant DNA. Recombinant DNA is any single molecule containing DNA sequences from two or more organisms. The process of creating recombinant DNA relies on the use of restriction enzymes, gel electrophoresis, and DNA ligase.
The first step in creating this new DNA strand is to cut the gene sequences you want from the original DNA molecule. This sequence will be cut by the restriction enzyme in such a way that it creates a palindrome from the overhanging sequence called a sticky end. Restriction enzymes can
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This process is made possible by the enzyme DNA Ligase, which is responsible for forming the phosphodiester bonds between the sugars and the phosphates on the backbone of a strand of DNA. Ligase also joins Okazaki fragments during replication and essentially allows scientists to cut and paste. With the use of DNA ligase, Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer were able to determine that combining two strains of E. coli with two different antibodies allowed the strains to retain both characteristics after the combination in the …show more content…
However, the use of recombinant DNA in cloning has raised lots of controversy and alarm, which has led to the creation of the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee, who reviews new studies and cases before they can be put into action. I believe the abuse of recombinant DNA could be catastrophic, however, the avoidance of it could be taking a fatal step backwards on the roads to treating cancer, genetic diseases, third world vitamin deficiencies, and even the frontier of cloning. Recombinant DNA is just an evolution of mankind. The first Neanderthal didn’t understand the first spark of a flame, but it led to the evolution of men and civilization, as well as the destruction of forests and habitats. It’s what mankind does: we play with fire; sometimes we learn and sometimes we get

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