Czar Alexander III And Nicholas II Essay

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1) Describe the rule of Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II and the effect on Russian society. Be specific.

The rules of Czar Alexander III and Nicholas II were cruel, oppressive, and completely autocratic. Czar Alexander III saw anyone that questioned his authority, spoke a language other than Russian, or did not worship the Russian Orthodox Church to be threat. He also forced stern censorship rules on written and/or published documents. He sent spies into schools and universities. The only culture permitted to be practiced was Russian (Polish, for example, wasn 't allowed to be spoken). Jews were persecuted all over the country. Nicholas II ruled in a similar, autocratic fashion. The effect on Russia society was limited cultural diversity (because of ban on practicing non-traditional Russian customs). The Russians also did not trust of
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In the Russo-Japanese War, Russia and Japan were battling over Korea and Manchuria. Both countries signed contracts over the regions, but Russia broke them. Japan responded by attacking Russians at Port Arthur in Manchuria. Russians got news of this, and that led to a revolt in the middle of the war. On Bloody Sunday, 200,000 works walked to the czar’s palace in St. Petersburg, but the czar’s soldiers mistook them for revolutionaries planning to attack, so they killed or hurt thousands of Russian works. This arouse a series of strikes and fights across the country. The entry into World War I was a complete mistake for Russia. The country did not have the finances or the military in order to be successful. Russians knew this, and they were angry with the czar when he ordered the country into combat. Russian soldiers rebelled, abandoned their positions, or ignored orders, and, back in Russia, food and fuel stocks were extremely low and prices were incredibly

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