Similarities Between Cyrus And Socrates

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I will argue that Cyrus has perfected the techne of being a leader, as supported by Socrates 's views on power, temperance and virtue. By practicing these qualities, Cyrus practices the true arts and improves the character of those around him. Cyrus’s ability to practice the techne of leadership is significant because it serves as an example to other leaders, specifically those of the Greeks.
In Gorgias, Socrates teaches that temperance is the ability to control or discipline one’s appetites and is the foundation for living a good life. While Callicles believes that living pleasantly consists of allowing “his own appetites to get as large as possible” (491e), Socrates compares this attitude to that of a “leaky and rotten” jar (493e). Socrates
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Practicing virtue, is to Socrates, the key to being “an admirable and good man” (527d). Cyrus’s most prominent act of virtue is his constant generosity. As a famous conqueror and ruler, Cyrus receives many gifts of treasures, money and even women. However, he takes little for himself and rather distributes it to his generals and soldiers. For Cyrus, “laying up a store of gratitude with a brave man” is far more valuable than material goods (8.3.26). In addition, Cyrus continually practices fairness in his political dealings. When arranging the treaty between the Chaldeans and Armenians, Cyrus allows for the Chaldeans to farm on Armenian soil and the Armenians are now able to graze in the Chaldean mountains. Cyrus also displays his virtue by continually worshipping the gods. Before he begins his expedition, Cyrus remarks that “[remembering] them especially when he was faring very well” is more effective in receiving good omens from the gods (1.6.3). Throughout his journey, Cyrus provides sacrifices to the gods and consults the Magi. Before going on any military expedition, Cyrus “[begins] with the gods” (1.5.6). Through his charity, fairmindedness and worship of the deities, Cyrus displays his virtuous side and encourages those around him to do the

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