Essay on `` Cyberwar Is Coming `` By John Acquilla

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Where only two decades before, John Acquilla’s paper: “Cyberwar is Coming” may have resembled the fanciful promises for the future offered by the Jetsons, recent developments have suggested that Acquilla’s prediction that the internet would fundamentally change warfare may have credence. Whilst in 1993 a futuristic concept that belonged in the realms of James Bond and Dr Who, in recent years the media, policy planners and militaries alike the world over have heralded the dawn of a new age of warfare. Fought not by the fittest and toughest where death could come at any moment, Cyberwarfare could be launched in dark basements by computer professionals with little regard for the health and fitness standards of traditional militaries. Composed primarily of computer hacking to conduct espionage, sabotage or propaganda campaigns, Cyberwarfare doctrines have recently been adopted by a rapidly growing number of states.
Whilst there is little doubt that ‘Cyberwarfare’ in the sense of Computer hacking to gain a strategic advantage is indeed a reality, debate exists over whether it can truly fall into the domain of war. Is Cyberwarfare merely an act in support of war, or can it exist as an act of war unti itself? To this, one might juxtapose the realities of Cyberwarfare with both traditional and modern concepts of war. However, as one who holds a poststructualist theory of international relations would suggest, ‘Cyberwarfare’ is a term of the English language, and is therefore…

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