Essay about Cybernetic Implants

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Cybernetic Implants
One of the things that we will probably being seeing in the future is the development of cybernetic implants. There are a few pros and cons to the development of cybernetic implants. Some of the pros could be increased life span do to less illness, increased economy due to the sales of implants, increased productivity due to increased physical strength, increased security due to most everything financial would be implanted into you so less identity theft, and increased technology due to increased portions of the brain being unlocked from neural enhancements.
Some of the cons could be issues such as the religious views on such things. Some religions believe that the use of cybernetic implants for financial transactions
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All of these things considered though, I still look forward to the day that they are implemented into society. I believe that the benefits from these implants could be what we need to boost the economy and drastically change the way we live today.
Another type of implant that I see changing the economy and the way that we live is telephones.I see telephones in the future not even being devices that you have to carry with you. Telephones will be implanted into your hands so that you don’t even have to worry about forgetting your phone or dropping it and damaging your phone. The way that they will do this is they will develop a cybernetic implant that they will surgically install into your hand.
The way that this will work is that instead of having to go and buy a phone it will be like a chip implanted into your hand. Instead of dialing people you will just have to think about dialing someone and the chip will register your thoughts and dial that person for you. I think that the way that it will be charged will be threw the use of electrical charges that the brain already gives off in the body.
The only reason I believe people will try and stop this is that you have phone companies that will lose money on this process. They won’t be able to collect money for phones that are broken or dropped in water or are damaged in any number of other ways. It will also

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