Cybercrime And Its Effects On The World 's Major Countries Essay

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When thinking of a thief, the stereotypical picture of a man wearing all black, donning a ski mask, and toting a revolver comes to mind. The thief usually hangs out in the bad parts of town and only strikes at night. In modern times this is no longer the case. Many of today’s criminals cannot be picked out of a crowd. They are cyber criminals that can anonymously attack anyone from behind a computer (Vigoroso). These criminals can do anything from stealing some quick cash to stealing someone’s very identity. These types of crimes are on the rise worldwide and can leave victims financially crippled.

Cybercrime is defined as “any illegal activity that uses a computer as its primary means of commission” (Rouse). Many of the world’s major countries are already connected via the internet.This number will only go up. This has provided million with the opportunity of online shopping and banking. Paul Hyman, of the Association of Computing Machinery, stated that “cybercrime affects everyone” (Hyman 18). The world today is becoming full of cybercriminals that “have more to gain and less to lose than their physical world counterparts” (Vigoroso).

Cooper Smith, a columnist for Business Insider, stated that “in the first quarter of 2014, 198 million U.S. consumers bought something online” (Smith). These shoppers made their personal information including email addresses, home addresses, and credit card numbers readily available to any cybercriminal that had a desire to take them.…

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