Essay about Cyberbullying And Its Effect On Society

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Contrary to prior information suggesting that bullying is a response to evolutionary pressure, many acts of cyberbullying consists of an indirect, less self-beneficial method of teasing or spreading malicious rumors for sadistic purposes. Cyberbullying involves the use of electronic communications to threaten, belittle, intimidate, or embarrass a person, or persons of a lesser social status. Because of the rapid expansion and advancement of technological communications, it is becoming increasingly difficult to pinpoint the constantly evolving characteristics of cyberbullying. Due to the anonymity involved with cyberbullying, cyberbullies are shown to have a decreased sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions (relative to traditional bullies). The web also gives cyberbullies the ability to broadcast harmful information about their victims to a much larger audience, which can lead to increasingly detrimental psychological effects (Schneider, O 'Donnell, Stueve, & Coulter, 2012).
Certain demographics of adolescents are proven to be victimized by cyberbullies at higher rates. Some studies show no gender differences in the victims of cyberbullying, while others show that girls are at a higher risk of being victimized (Schneider, O 'Donnell, Stueve, & Coulter, 2012). Much like the mixed results shown in the unclear prominence of gender demographics related to cyberbullying, studies have also shown that there are no clear consistencies between age and…

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