Cv Therapeutics, Inc. Essay

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1. Background
CV Therapeutics, Inc. which was founded in the year 19911, is the company of biopharmaceutical based in California in Palo Alto. The company has employees ranging from 200 to 500. The company is involved in the development, discovery and commercialization of the drugs for treatment of diseases. The company utilizes advances registered in genetics and molecular biology to detect mechanisms of the cardiovascular diseases, as well as targeting the discovery of drugs. In addition, the company is specifically involved in the development of angina pectoris. The CV Therapeutics operates in the United States of America under the industry of healthcare. The CV Therapeutics, being Biopharmaceutical Company, which is research oriented, it developed a Lexiscan, the injection applied as agent of stress in procedures of cardiovascular; and Ranexa drug used in the treatment of chronic angina. In 2009, the Gilead Sciences, which makes HIV drugs Truvada, Atriplia, and Viread, acquired CV Therapeutics, Inc. Company for approximately 1.4 billion dollars.
2. Statement of the problem
The problem being studied in this report is the ethical difficulties that the pharmaceutical company is facing for pulling the angina drug from the market; leaving the patients with no other alternative medicine due to their inability to afford the drug.

3. Purpose of the study
The purpose of this study was to evaluate and create solutions for such topic as it is cropping up more and more in the…

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