Curriculum : A Definition Of Curriculum Essay

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Curriculum: A definition
Defining a comprehensive concept of a curriculum can be tricky, differ, vary, and subjective attempt from person to person. In his book, Ewing (2013) believed it happens due to the background, experience, and knowledge of that individual in engaging with the curriculum. According to Galton (1998, as cited in Resh & Benavot, 2009), curriculum is the organization of school subjects and the allocation of time when each subject is taught. Another definition provides by Marsh & Wilis (2007, as cited in Churchill et al., 2011) defined curriculum as an interrelated set of plans and experiences that student undertake under the guidance of school. Churcill et al. (2011) define curriculum as the total of resources – intellectual, scientific, cognitive, linguistics, textbook, adjunct resources, and materials, official and unofficial – that are brought together for teaching and learning by teachers and students in a classroom and other learning environments.
Nevertheless, this review exemplifies curriculum as a foundation of learning activity that constructed by planning, provided with intended content and methods to assess the student’s comprehensiveness under the supervision of teacher or tutor. Analogically, the curriculum can be viewed as blueprint and foundation stone of a building, that building must have a clear planning stage and is subject to a purpose. To implement an excellent curriculum, the curriculum developer have to carefully draw the long-term…

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