Current Social And Emotional Elements Essay

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I. Current Social/Emotional Elements
Social Relationships Shannon Aydt has a variety of different social contacts; however, those that she finds most prominent are her friends Sami, Brittany, and Alexis, her boyfriend Zach, and her parents. The communication she has with her friends is mostly via text messaging and her communication with her boyfriend is mostly via phone conversations or in person. Shannon stated that she, her friends, and her boyfriend all have such busy lives so it often times gets hard to stay in full contact; however, they try their best to get together on the weekends. As for her parents, she has constant in person communication with them due to the fact that she lives under their roof.
Special Relationships Zach is Shannon’s boyfriend of 5 years whom she says is extremely important to her. She states that he is her other half and always pushes her to be the best version of herself. From what I can understand Zach is a huge part of Shannon’s life and is a great support system for her. Shannon also stated that her parents are very important to her and that they have helped her grow into the person that she is today.
Shannon’s interests and hobbies are golfing, working out, and attempting to bake. She emphasized on the fact that she “attempts” to bake because she said it typically does not turn out as planned, but she enjoys trying anyway.

II. Self Description
From the discussion I had with Shannon, I gathered the…

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