Current Situation : Home Environment Essay examples

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Current Situation
Home Environment
Currently, Ryan lives with his mother and grandmother. Ryan’s grandmother remains his custodial guardian due to his mother’s history and inability to independently care for herself and Ryan. For the past two years, Ryan’s mother has managed to stay away from the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. She has also separated herself from potentially risky environments and individuals. Ryan’s mother and grandmother stated they are working together to care for him and have mutually made an effort to address concerning behaviors at home. Ryan continues to worry about the presence of his mother and becomes anxious when she leaves. He questions when and if she will return which often leaves him physically distraught and fearful of abandonment. In addition, Ryan’s grandmother and mother are continuing to have verbal disagreements in Ryan’s presence. Ryan attempts to “break up” the altercations or disputes by yelling for them to stop and by physically placing himself between them. They reported that when situations intensify, Ryan will cover his ears and ball up in the fetal position. Other concerning situations include Ryan’s coping mechanism for highly stressful situations. His mother and grandmother describe his behavior at home as over-reactive, extremely sensitive and hard to comfort, even during minimal situations such as leaving his lunchbox at school. He will weep, become defiant, and scream as a form of releasing his feelings when…

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