Culture 's Influence On Human Evolution Essay

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Humans Evolving Culture in physical anthropology is known as the study of human cultures, beliefs, values, ideas, and other human behavior patterns. Culture is also known as everything we have, think, and do. Culture has an influence on human evolution by adaptation due to the way humans and other living organisms adjust to new conditions and new challenges that life brings to them. However, culture also has an influence on human evolution by natural selection. Culture influences natural selection because of the way that natural selection focuses on survival and reproduction. Meaning that those with better advantageous will have a higher chance to produce more offspring. Culture has been around for many years now. From the beginning of the earliest species to the latest species living on earth. Many living species have adapted to culture differently, but culture remains to be the same for every living species. Homo habilis 2.5-1.8 Mya. Kenya’s Lake Turkana, Africa.
The Homo habilis was first found on the eastern side of Kenya’s Lake Turkana. Known as the “handy man”. This species was the first species to have anatomical and behavioral characteristics. These species were found to be evidence of the making and the use of stone tools. Stone tools were used as part of their culture. Their intelligence was really high which is why they knew what their use of tools was for. H. habilis survived by plant collecting that they would go out and hunt for (pg. 288, Larsen). Which is…

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