Culture The Meaning Of The Way Of Life Of A Group Of People Essay

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Culture the meaning of the way of life of a group of people. Their behaviors, beliefs, values, symbols, art, music, celebration and acceptance. (Merriam) However, this is just a basic understanding of the word culture. A culture is about a group of people and the way they live in society how they see art and what they believe in. Also, the location of the society where they are located and their surrounding played a role in their culture. What they have to work with and what they are needing to survive. There are many different cultures out there and each one is special and unique. After taking this class, it has taught just how each culture views are different and show the beauty in it all cultures. Also gives an understanding of the past and how we have improved or changed some of the cultures that we still hold today. Art that is created is closely retaliated to the culture where it came from. In chapter two “The Aegan and Archich Greece” (page 60, chapter two) It says “Greek thought and religion centered on life. At the core of Greek religion at large family of gods.” With this being said the temple of the Greek many were used to worship different gods or goddess. Depending on who they were worshipping also depended on the temple they would built and the statue. Also the literature started out as an oral tradition passed down to generation and then in writing. Some would say that literature is also a form of art. Like a written expression of their life and beliefs.…

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