Essay about Culture Perspective Influences The Way History

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Culture perspective influences the way history is studied because people have the ability to study someone 's culture in every way. Everyone can learn about a culture and their past but the researchers and recorders would have different information about what happened. It is important to approach history from an objective point of view because the writer can tell what happened without stating more that can be complete from the dialogue and actions. In different countries, people learn and record different things about the same event. For instance, in World War II, different countries have different views on the war and what happened. History taught culture perspective influences the way history because you can learn every aspect about somebody’s life and you can relate to them by their ability to communicate. It is difficult because it is hard to look back and ask "what did they do". Some events happened so long ago that there is little information about what happened. People have to make educated guesses on what happened. However, our history is far from the truth and they lied because they want to cover up the majorities flaws and to portray the country is perfect and outstanding.
For example, Christopher Columbus is not a great hero but in the middle school textbooks he portrayed as a savior and hero of the country. According to 1493: The True Importance of Christopher Columbus, “But they leave out virtually everything that is important to know about Columbus and the…

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