Culture Of Ancient Sparta And The Spartan Society Essay

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Culture of Ancient Sparta
Sparta was a city-state in Greece located on Peloponnesus, a peninsula southwest of Athens. It was a society that based everything around war and they were a very powerful city-state, and they had their peak at around 431-404 B.C. Spartan culture was unique in many ways, the men and women both played important roles, their children were taught from an early age the importance of loyalty and self discipline. The soldiers were known for their crimson red cloaks and courage, they looked to the Gods for appreciation and sometimes disappointment. They were a very courageous and self disciplined culture, self denial and simplicity was the Spartan way.
The women played a much larger role in the Spartan society compared to the women in Athens. Women could own property, they could inherit it from their parents just like the sons could. Women also participated in athletics and received public education. Spartan women were known for being outspoken and often voicing their opinion, unlike the Athenian women who were very sheltered from the outside world. Spartan women were not rushed into marriage at a young age, but their husband was still chosen for them. They usually married around the age of eighteen to twenty. At the in of the 4th century BCE there were more women than men in Sparta, so women often had more then one father to their children. They also had economic power, they took care of the money in the household. The amount of freedom they had was…

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