Essay on Culture, Language, And Religion

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Imagine, at the temple on the occasion of the Tet Day, you see a blond girl in a traditional Vietnamese long dress, what your feelings will be like? Surely you are curious and try to find out whether he is actually an American. On YouTube, there is one a girl who wears a long dress and sings Viet Khang’s song. The Vietnamese people feel that it’s an honor because our costumes and music are being highlighted through an American. Why so? Why do we need someone else, not a Vietnam origin to beautify our culture?

Culture is not just in a form of sight and hearing senses. Not just clothes and music. Culture is also food, communication, thought, language, and religion. In general, culture is expressed through our senses. When the senses are aware through a series of actions, they will generate the values of the people from that culture. Therefore, the value of each of us can be formed at a young age that I may do not know. For example, in our culture, on Tet Day Festival, we go to the temple. The Westerners do not have this tradition. We will not question why we have to go to the temple. Over time, we might not even understand the meaning of it, but to blame: it’s only a habit.

Come on, let 's discuss the meaning of going to temples on Tet Day, shall we? There are two groups, one is to pray and the other is simply to pay respect to the Buddha. Whether you believe in what idea, it is still our Vietnam culture. And whether which group you believe in, this is the…

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