Culture Is Defined By Shared Beliefs, Culture, And Culture Essay

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Culture is defined by shared beliefs, customs, values, country of origin, and institutions relative to a group of people. However, culture not only encompasses the objectives of shared traditions, geography, and religions, it also includes shared perceptions such as gender, cognitive processes, and various types of interpersonal relationships that are deemed as highly relevant to the majority of a group (Baruth & Manning, 2012). Because of the fluidity of culture, people can be identified by a multitude of intersecting cultural aspects to represent themselves as a whole. The manner in which I identify myself with cultures is not of any difference compared to what is noted above. I identify as a 21-year old female of Nigerian descent currently living in the Southern region of the United States of America. In alignment with the multifaceted concept of culture, my identity is also composed of additional tangible aspects of culture, including my religion and affectional orientation as well as intangible concepts, such as my social cognitive processes.
Although the definition and descriptions of culture are flexible, culture in terms of my ancestry and family customs has mounted a significant influence on my identity. Current information of which I am aware of traces my cultural roots and heritage to the country of Nigeria, located in West Africa. Both my mother and father were born and reared in Nigeria. As young adults, they emigrated from Nigeria to the United States of…

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