Culture Differences Between China And India

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Omid Ashrafi
Aug 23, 2014
City University of Seattle

This paper is going to show culture differences between three different culture such as Iran, China and India in business negotiation. After interview with three successful business man who are American citizen, Canadian citizen and Indian America. All three questions emphasize on three different elements like power distance, low context and how context, and general business behavior in these countries. Interview
Knowledge of the culture is one the keys to be successful in business negotiation. Therefore, with this paper I am going to give you real experience of the culture in different countries from different perspective. I had interview with three successful business man who set up or had experience in business negotiation with Iran, China and India. I had interview with them independently and my questions cover up three different elements to give you better knowledge of these cultures. My question is cultural behavior in business negotiation, management as high power in the companies, knowledge of high context or low context culture, and finally knowledge of each of these culture to have better business negotiation in future.
Interview with Iranian Canadian citizen who live in Canada for more than 35 years and he set up a trading company in phamaticular industry in Iran
Question: What is the good discussion topic to start a business with Iranian?
Answer: Background and history are two main

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