Culture And Ethnicity, Culture, And Culture Essay

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I’ve wrestled with the expectations of this assignment. I wrestled with whether or not I would take, in my opinion, the easy way out by discussing culture and nationality, culture and language or culture and ethnicity. I have much to say about all, but it would admittedly be a regurgitation of original ideas, with some personal flare, which brings nothing to the psychological table, not if it’s to mean something, not if it’s to count. With that said, my three cultural groups are as follows: Culture and Gender, Culture and Sexual Orientation, and Culture and Disability.
I am an FtM (Female to Male) transsexual, who is pansexual in sexual orientation, and socialist in politics. My life, in spite of my own efforts, has defined my psychological ideology, my personality, and who’s life experiences, because of these issues, some in direct correlation, some not, of significant traumatic events were the precursors, the harboring breeding ground for the Severe PTSD comorbid Dissociative / Depersonalization (not DID), and comorbid General Anxiety Disorders, I suffer from, and find salvation in, today. I may very well be one of the most controversial and most times unpopular person on the planet, but I do not lack bravery, nor an open, compassionate mind, not by a long shot. By mere appearances and / or conversational patterns, one would never know that the structures of both my body and mind were any different than their own. I am extremely high functioning, and have my…

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