Cultural Theory Defined As A Social Theory Essay

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Cultural theory defined as to a social theory that explain the cycle of is based on the concept that the poor have a unique value system and the poor remain in poverty because of their adaptation to the burdens of poverty .the concept of culture of poverty was introduced by American anthropologist, Oscar Lewis as a result of studying the urban poor in Mexico and Puerto Ricco. The cultural of poverty constitutes a “design for living “that is passed on from generation to the next. Individuals feel marginalized helpless and inferior and adopt an attitude of living for the present. They are fanatics families are characterized by high divorce rates with mothers and children abandoned; they become MA trifocal families headed by women. People adopting this culture of poverty do not participate in community life or join political parties; they make little use of banks and the like. According to Oscar Lewis the culture of poverty does exist. Lewis states that “although the burdens of poverty were systemic and therefore imposed upon these members of society, they led to the formation of an autonomous subculture as children were socialized into behaviors and attitudes that perpetuated their inability to escape the underclass.” (Oscar Lewis, 1959) Lewis studied those living in poverty extensively and believed that the culture of poverty was what kept the poor from breaking the cycle and rising out of their situation. Lewis was the first to introduce this…

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