Essay about Cultural Strengths And Weaknesses Of India

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1. Introduction

“Slums are litmus tests for innate cultural strengths and weaknesses. Those people whose cultures can harbor extensive slum life without decomposing will be, relatively speaking, the future’s winners. Those whose cultures cannot will be the future’s victims.” (Kaplan, 1994)

One of the biggest challenges that India has to face today is the augmented urbanisation as a result of the economic liberalisation. Close to 16 crore people have moved to cities in the past 20 years, and another 20 crore are projected to migrate within the next 20 years (McKinsey & Company, 2010). But the coping up with this population influx has been a huge struggle for our cities. Our infrastructure is immensely over-strained. As a result, the informal settlements, “slums”, have exponentially expanded in the past few decades without proper access to basic amenities such as sanitation, healthcare, etc. Despite many government schemes and entrepreneurial efforts, no major upliftment can be seen within these dwellings. In order to harness the productive strength of this dynamic urban population, India will need to come up with scalable urban systems capable of housing, employing, and integrating large and increasing numbers of new inhabitants. (Greater Pacific Capital, 2013)

Slum has been defined in legislation to include buildings and areas that are environmentally and structurally deficient. They are considered to be the result of multiple deprivation like employment, income,…

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