Essay on Cultural Relativism And Universalism Within Law

1029 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
Coming into this trip, I was very skeptical of the Conflicts and Conversations course. To be bluntly honest, I held a very dubious mentality towards it’s ability to get me thinking globally. After a quick read through of all of the debate topics, they all seemed like things that I would dose off during and not be invested in. Oh how wrong I was. After listening and being invested in the first few, and completing my first one, I began to realize how evident the conflicts the debates centralized on were. Considering all of the debates that were held over the course of this semester, the notion of where law lies in the course of culture was something that rand true in a lot of discussions. The idea that often times, certain cultural aspects and the over arching law are on a collision course. This paper will serve to try and synthesize the idea of how cultural relativism and universalism within law interact with each other in a variety of ways. This is a problem that is faced in almost every multicultural state, including both Europe and the United States. This leads to two sides of the argument, of which I have seen extremely evident in some of the debates that have taken place over the course of this semester. Proponents on the side of cultural relativism are the ones who are quick to assume that culture is an essential attribute of self-determination and identification. Form this argument, this side normally argues that certain cultural values should supersede the idea of…

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