Essay on Cultural Relativism And Universal Human Right

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In cross-cultural perspective there are always two different positions, cultural relativism and universalism. In Jack Donnelly’s Cultural Relativism and Universal Human Right, he offers a persuasive basis of universal human right and negative side of cultural relativism, which he arrives, his position towards universalism, but he fails to examine the problem of his stands on universalism.

The core of Donnelly’s Cultural Relativism and Universal Human engages with perspective on the idea of human right with universalism, which takes reader to examine foundation of human rights. By providing his own theory of human rights, he makes an approach in human rights need to be internationally systemized into western or non-western human rights. Donnelly pursues an argument, which Third World’s cultural relativism “appeals to traditional practices and values all too often are a mere cloak for self-interest or arbitrary rule”. (Donnelly 412) With this convincing notion he criticizes cultural relativism on Third World leaders abuse of power and frequently illustrations no positive side of Third World customs. He gives numerous more evidences of Third World that uses cultural element to indorse “disappearances, arbitrary arrest and detention, or torture, are entirely without cultural basis”. (Donnelly 413) His position on universalism defiantly has a point where there are weaknesses of cultural relativism and we need to tackle this down by structured international human right law. Yet,…

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